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About Monstera

Monstera (Latin: Monstera) belongs to the aronia family. It is native to South America and the East Indies. Monstera belongs to the lianas and is a very beautiful evergreen plant. Monstera is considered to be one of the most common houseplants. Monstera has attractive ornamental leaves that are very interestingly shaped. The young leaves of the plant are continuous and then become lobed before finally falling off. Monstera is a fast-growing and undemanding flower.

When a monstera grows up, it can take up half a room in size, so it is best kept in large rooms. A large monstera needs support. The flower produces many aerial roots, which should never be cut. They should be directed towards the ground or towards a support. Do not place the plant in an aisle, as the flower does not like draughts, especially cold ones. This can cause yellowing and brown spots on the leaves. In addition, the monstera’s leaves can be traumatised if they are easily tripped over.

Storage location. Monstera does not tolerate direct sunlight and prefers partial shade. It should therefore be placed near a window. The air temperature should be moderate, +10° C +14° C, as the monstera grows very quickly at higher temperatures.

Lighting. The monstera does not like bright sunlight, which falls directly on the plant. However, monstera is a fairly light-loving plant, so it is best kept where there is sufficient bright diffuse light and light shade.

monstera2Watering. From spring to autumn, monstera should be watered heavily. In winter, watering should be done in such a way that the ground does not dry out and is not too wet.

Humidity. The monstera should be sprayed regularly. The leaves of the monstera should also be cleaned periodically. When the central heating is on in the apartment in winter, the flower should be moved away from the radiators to prevent the ends of the flower leaves from drying out.

Fertilisation. The monstera should be fertilised from March to August. Fertilise every two weeks with a complex fertiliser for houseplants. Once a year (summer), rot can be added to the surface of the adult monstera.

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