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About monstera leaf

Monstera and monstera leaf is a houseplant that has been known in Europe for more than 200 years. In a vase, the leaves grow about 30-40 cm (up to 60 cm) long. The woody stem can reach 3-6 m.
* As monsteras are lianas, they need strong supports. It is very good if the aerial roots reach the ground. They should even be directed into pots.
* In the home, monstersa should have a permanent place. As they grow, the leaves arrange themselves in a certain order, facing the light. If the plant is moved to a different location or the pot is turned over, the order usually breaks down and it takes a few months for the plant to adjust again.
* Midday sun can burn the leaves. If there is too much sun, the monstera will yellow and even dry brown spots may appear. Ideally, these lianas should receive plenty of diffused light. They will be at their best in the morning or evening sun for a short time.
* Don’t think that monstersa can be grown in a dark corner. There, growth slows down, the leaves are pale green, small, lose their shape over time, and the number of cutouts and holes decreases.
* The roots of the orris should not be cut.
* In humid weather or before rain, water droplets appear on the leaf tips of monsteras.
* Normal room temperature is best throughout the year. In stairwells and lobbies, the temperature should not drop below 12 °C in winter. In spring and summer, during the period of active growth, a temperature of about 18 ºC is needed. In summer, these lianas can enjoy a heat of 20-25 °C, sometimes even up to 30 °C. On such days, abundant watering and ventilation are essential.
* Monsteras leafs like humid weather – they grow more luxuriantly, with larger and more scraggly leaves. However, they can also adapt patiently to dry indoor air. It is a good idea for a new plant to have a few months of adaptation in summer and early autumn. However, we would advise spraying or rinsing the leaves with warm water at least once a week.
* Water regularly throughout the year (less frequently in winter, more frequently in summer) to keep the potting soil at a moderate level of moisture. Excess water is drained from the tray.
* From April to October, the monstera are fertilised every two weeks with a solution of multi-purpose complex fertiliser.

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