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About chrysanthemum

Perennial garden chrysanthemums are not very fussy. They will like a sunny spot in the flower garden, in a fertile loamy or sandy loam soil. It is important that it is not too wet, especially in the cold autumn. Do not offer shade to these flowers. If you hear that more frost is predicted overnight, wrap the flowering bushes with garden film to prolong flowering. Of course, when the time comes, frost and winter will still put the plant to sleep.

Indian (C. indicum) and Korean (C. coreanum) chrysanthemums can be grown outdoors as perennials. Both flowers are similar, but Corean chrysanthemums have sturdier, branched stems, broad shrubs and smaller leaves.
Cut the stems of perennial chrysanthemums at the end of the season. Most varieties do not need to be covered. More sensitive or younger ones can be mulched with peat or covered with a few spruce branches. Only remove the cover in spring to prevent the plants from going dormant.
Plant autumn chrysanthemums in late May and early summer. Autumn planting gives the plants time to get established and may kill them in winter. In summer, they should be fertilised with a complex mineral fertiliser until September to produce abundant flower buds.

Most of today’s chrysanthemums do not need to be pinched to form a nice shaped flower – they grow that way themselves. Other growers recommend that plants, especially older varieties, should have their tops (about ¾) cut off when they are about 10 cm tall. This will allow the bushes to branch better and produce more flowers. Try not to water the leaves in the summer when moisture is scarce.

These plants usually flower in August-October. Perennial outdoor chrysanthemums will only freeze during very hard frosts. Early flowering varieties are ‘Gold-marianne’ (golden), ‘Mei-Kyo’ (purple). In September, ‘Grandeur Yellow’ and ‘Padre Yellow’ (yellow), ‘Padre Cerise’ (pink), ‘Terano’ (white), ‘Fellbacher Wein’ (red), and towards the end of the season, ‘Vrenli’ (red), ‘Nebelrose’ (pink) and others are a joy. Earlier chrysanthemums should be planted earlier in the garden, as late chrysanthemums sometimes fail to bloom due to harder frosts.
Autumn chrysanthemums look great alongside other perennials such as shrubby, rough-leaved and virgin asters, sunflowers, narrow-leaved bellflowers, rudbeckia, echinacea, gooseberries and barberry. A few well thought-out combinations extend the colour festival in the garden for several weeks and dispel melancholy moods. Chrysanthemums blooming against a backdrop of beautifully coloured trees and shrubs will look as if they are on their way to a graduation party.

Information source:×_morifolium