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About Tulip

Tulips are often associated with spring – that’s because all the flower markets are full of these cut, colourful flowers in early spring, and shoppers can choose from a wide range of tulip types and colours. But cut flowers fade, so how do you grow and care for tulips in your own yard so they last longer?

Yellow tulips

Yellow tulips are members of the lily family and there are more than 150 species, so we recommend that you ask your tulip grower and retailer how to choose tulips – with the help of a specialist, you’ll be sure to find the most beautiful and most suitable species for your plant. It should be mentioned that tulips have already become a traditional flower in the Lithuanian garden. This is because the climate is very favourable to these flowers and the weather conditions allow them to grow and bloom without much additional care. However, there are a few things you need to know before you start growing tulips – when to plant, where to plant and how to care for the plants once they are planted. Once you have these three points in mind, growing tulips will seem like an easy but very enjoyable activity.
Tulips in winter
The first thing to do is to find out when to plant these brightly coloured flowers. Regardless of the species, most tulips should be planted at the beginning of autumn and after the heat has subsided a little, from mid-September to early October, when the weather has not cooled down completely. Tulips planted at this time will have had time to establish themselves, put down roots, grow in and prepare for winter before frost.
Yellow tulip planting time
By taking into account planting time, location and basic planting rules, we can grow really beautiful, colourful and healthy yellow tulips with ease and without too much care. A little tip for those who want to pick these flowers for their home – leave at least one leaf when picking a tulip. And after all the preparation and cultivation has been done properly, enjoy the beautiful spring colours.

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