Tulipa kaufmanniana vector

Tulipa kaufmanniana flower vector, clip art in PNG and SVG. Outline, black and white style, transparent, no background to download.
Tulipa kaufmanniana flower vector in PNG and SVG clip art outline transparent


About Tulipa kaufmanniana

The flowers of this tulip (Tulipa kaufmanniana) species are multi-coloured with pointed petals that spread out very wide at the end of flowering. The tulip flowers are large, almost half the height of the stem. They flower earlier than all other tulips. Blooms in mid-April. Tulips are planted in mid-September to early October, depending on the autumn weather. The best soil temperature is 7-10 C and the soil must be sufficiently moist. The depth and density of planting depends on the size of the tulip bulb. As a general rule, tulips should be planted at a depth of three bulb heights, slightly shallower in heavy soils and deeper in light soils. Tulip bulbs are dug up annually. Only the small ones (if disease-free) can be dug every second year. The best time to dig tulips is when the lower leaf has not completely wilted (this will vary from tulip to tulip).
The height of these tulips is 20 cm and the planting depth is 15 cm. The bulbs are planted 10 cm apart.

Planting location: spring and summer flowering flowers grow best in a sunny location.
Type of soil: all types of soil that are not too wet are suitable. Humus can be added if necessary.
Care: water immediately after planting and keep the soil moist during growth. Protect spring-flowering bulbs from severe frosts under a layer of peat, summer-flowering bulbs should be stored at a temperature of at least 0 °C.

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