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White rose

The colour of the plant itself indicates the purity and innocence of the gift. Such a bouquet is presented as a sign of a girl’s chastity. White roses have always been a symbol of love and fidelity. Therefore, the bride’s bouquet should be white and the flowers brought by the guests should be white or light coloured (pink, peach). Often white flowers are given to daughters and sisters. If a man gives a woman white roses, this can be seen as a sign of admiration for her youth and integrity.

According to ancient Greek myth, white roses grew where Venus, the goddess of love, stepped out of the waves. A Christian legend has it that one day the Archangel Gabriel made 3 wreaths of roses for Our Lady. The first was made of yellow flowers and symbolised her glory, the second was made of red and was a manifestation of her suffering. The third wreath was snow-white and represented joy.

The rose in the language of flowers means trust. They are chosen by people who trust not only themselves but also their feelings. In ancient Greece, it was a symbol of infinity because its shape resembles a circle, a shape that has no beginning or end. Moreover, once cut, the flower fades quickly, as if to show the beauty but transience of human life. There was an interesting custom in the Roman Empire: when going to war, men would cover their heads with wreaths of these flowers. People believed that the plant gave the soldier courage and bravery. At the same time, a bouquet given to a girl was seen as an acknowledgement of her innocence and morality.

Perhaps the most unusual meaning of the flower was among pagan peoples. The rose symbolised Harpocrates, the god of silence. The silent man had never received this miracle of nature as a gift. The Queen of Flowers is even mentioned in Christian legends. According to one of them, these flowers grew in the Garden of Eden and had no needles. Thorns appeared after the expulsion of Adam and Eve as proof of their sin.

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