Peony suffruticosa vector

Peony suffruticosa flower outline vector in PNG and SVG. Free to download for free. Peony vector catalog, transparent, no background.
Peony suffruticosa flower vector clip art outline PNG and SVG


About peony suffruticosa

Peonies bloom in early summer. This enchanting sight has to be seen to imagine the sheer opulence of this flower, which comes in a variety of shapes and incredible shades.

The planting material must be pure species, the most reliable way to obtain it is from professional florists and flower collectors, preferably at the end of August or beginning of September.

Peonies are best planted in autumn, from early September to mid-October. The root part of the peony with the buds takes 20-30 days to root at temperatures below +10° C and is ready for overwintering.

When preparing peonies for spring, the rooted parts should be packed lightly in damp moss, peat or sawdust and stored in a cool place at +2°C to +4°C. As soon as the snow has melted, they should be planted in a permanent place. Peonies are not affected by spring frosts.

Peonies like loamy neutral or alkaline soil. The planting hole for peonies should be prepared in advance and should not be very deep (40-50 cm) but wide enough (60-70 cm). Soil mix: garden soil, 200 g of dolomite flour, wood ash, 2-year-old rotting soil, last year’s horse manure, humus and clay. Superphosphate must be added to the mix.

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