Peony itoh vector

Peony itoh flower vector clip art outline in PNG and SVG files. Vector catalog for free to download. Transparent, no background.
Peony itoh flower vector clip art outline style in PNG and SVG transparent no background


About peony itoh

Peony, a perennial plant of the buttercup family; more than 30 species. There are tree and herbaceous peonies. Many cultivars of herbaceous peonies are derived from the white-flowered peony. There are 5 groups according to the structure of the flower. All groups of peonies can be grown outdoors.

Non-dominant peonies have 5 or more petals growing in 1 row and many stamens and pistils. The well-known variety ‘Bride’ has white petals with a slightly pinkish tinge, yellowish at the base; fragrant.

Full-bodied peonies. The flowers have 5 or more broad lower petals and a centre of alternate stamens and pistils. The varieties in this group are divided into 3 subgroups according to their shape and fullness: pink, corolla and hemispherical.

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