Peony bulbs vector

Peony bulbs vector, clip art in PNG and SVG files. White and black styles, outline, transparent, no background, vector catalog for free.
Peony bulbs flower vector clip art PNG and SVG transparent, no background, outline
Peony bulb vector outline style in black and white PNG and SVG


Simple peony bulb vector in PNG and SVG transparent black and white


Peony bulb vector PNG and SVG no background flower transparent


About Peony flower and bulbs

These perennial buttercups, with their spectacularly large, fragrant flowers and medicinal properties, have been grown close to home for ages. They are flowers with large, large flowers, split leaves and are usually scented. Colours range from red to yellow or white. The great popularity of peonies is due to their ease of cultivation and durability. But only a good quality, healthy, healthy peony bush can produce a healthy, beautiful peony bush.

A plant whose beauty you will enjoy for a long time

The peony is not just a perennial, but a true long-lived plant. A bush that produces fragrant flowers every year can grow in the same place for around 20 years, but we’ve certainly found cases where they have lasted even longer. So if you plant peonies in your yard, you can expect them to be a delight to you, your children and even your grandchildren. They look great in flowerbeds, as individual clumps in the garden, or picked and placed in a vase at home.

The clusters of herbaceous peonies gradually die back as the weather cools down, leaving only the underground part of the plant to overwinter, producing new pink shoots in spring. The herbaceous form of these flowers is the most popular in Lithuania. Peony trees shed all their leaves during the winter, leaving only the woody stems to wait for spring. If the peonies you have planted are flowering profusely, growing lushly and looking healthy, you are doing well. Growing and caring for these plants is not difficult, but there are a few things to learn about them.

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