Narcissus / Daffodil

Narcissus Tazetta vector

Narcissus Tazetta flower vector in PNG and SVG files. All stuff is free to download, transparent, no background, vector catalog.
Narcissus tazetta flower vector in PNG and SVG no background transparent


About Narcissus Tazetta

Narcissus are spring bulbs with a heady scent and beauty, widely grown in gardens, parks, nurseries and pots. There are over 50 species of narcissus and many varieties and hybrids have been developed by cross-breeding between them. We grow 3 species: the poetic (Narcissus poeticus L.), the bouquet (Narcissus tazetta L.) and the pronounced (Narcissus pseudonarcissus L.) daffodils.
The brightly coloured and ornate narcissus are believed to be the first plants to be cultivated in flowerbeds. They are still found in almost every nursery today. With their unusual petals, crowns or tubes, others with their sturdy stems and beautiful leaves, daffodils are a charming mix of elegance and simplicity. Daffodils are divided into many groups according to the shape of the flower, the most common being tubular, broad-leaved, narrow-leaved, full-leaved and poetic daffodils.
Growing narcissus. These bulbous flowers are easy to grow and the bulbs do not need to be dug up every year. These flowers are particularly popular with florists because of their ease of care. The needs of daffodils are linked to the circumstances of their origin: many species come from mountainous areas, so good drainage is a prerequisite for cultivation. Daffodils grow best in a sunny position in loose, fertile soil. Planting takes place between August and September and is mulched with peat in the spring, with some of the peat being harvested in the spring. If you choose varieties that flower at different times, you can enjoy the rich and enchanting scent from late April to early June!

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