Hibiscus sabdariffa vector

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Hibiscus sabdariffa vector clip art PNG and SVG transparent no background


About Hibiscus sabdariffa

In Hawaii, the hibiscus is the national flower, woven into traditional flower garlands, and is known as the flower of love in all the islands of South-East Asia. In India, they are sacrificed to the goddess Kali and the god Ganesh, and the flowers are added to salads and sweets. The pharaohs already drank kinnow tea and it is still common to drink it at Egyptian weddings.

Most of the hibiscus are ornamental plants, grown in rooms, conservatories and flower gardens. In Eastern folk medicine, all parts of the true sorrel are used for medicinal purposes: roots, bark, leaves, flowers and flower buds. Hemp cinchona is used to make paper. The flowers of the Jamaican kinnow (H. sabdariffera) make a popular tea.

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