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About Agave (Agave L.)

The American agave (A. americana L.) is a native plant of the Amaryllidaceae family native to Mexico. It grows up to 3 m tall. The leaves are thick, fleshy, spiny, scrotal, dark green, sometimes with yellow bands. Flowers are white-yellowish, in many-flowered inflorescences. The inflorescences grow to a height of 4-6 metres or more.
Indoor flowering is very rare. Agave prefers sunny rooms. In summer it can be grown on a balcony or in a flower bed. Water it abundantly. In winter, it is advisable to keep it in a light and cool room (at least 5 °C) and to water it very sparingly. Transplant in spring.
The soil mixture is 2 parts sod, 1 part peat, 1 part leaf soil and 1 part sand. Propagation by seeds and suckers. Cuttings are separated and planted in individual pots.
Succulents are plants that store water in their organs. Some of them store these reserves in their leaves (agaves, alavias, etc.), others in their stems (cacti). They are mainly semi-evergreen plants, native to the Americas and Africa. Often grown indoors.

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