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Cactus Opuntia / Prickly pear vector

Cactus Opuntia / Prickly pear vector clip art in black and white. Files are in PNG and SVG, transparent, no background for free to download.

Cactus opuntia prickly pear vector clip art PNG transparent
Cactus Prickly pear vector clipart black and white transparent no background
Cactus opuntia vector clipart black white style PNG transparent no background

About opuntia

Opuntia (Latin: Opuntia) belongs to the cactus family. Most opuntias do not flower in indoor conditions, as flowering only starts after the plant reaches a certain size, which is not possible in the home. Therefore, if you want to grow an Opuntia at home, you should choose a small cactus.

It is a cactus with saucer-shaped lobes on which areoles, the plant’s characteristic tubercles, are attached. These sprout sprouts (the size of the sprouts depends on the species) in clusters of a dozen or so. Not only the flowers, which are usually yellow, are ornamental, but also the oval-shaped fruits, which are edible in some species.

The whole plant is made up of leaves or sepals – flat, fleshy, rounded or oblong, joined together. The size of a single petiole may be up to 0,5 m in diameter. It is covered with sharp spines. The white, yellow or orange flowers start to bloom in May-June and continue until autumn. The flowers are beautiful and large and are pollinated by various insects. The plant is dioecious and can produce fruit even when growing alone.

Storage conditions. Opuntia should be kept at moderate temperatures during the summer. In winter, during the dormant period, the plant should be kept at a temperature of +7° C – +10° C, with a winter minimum temperature of +5° C if kept dry.

Lighting. Opuntia needs good light, but the cactus needs to be slowly accustomed to the spring sun. Lack of light will cause the Opuntia to stretch out and lose its ornamental appeal.

Watering. Moderate watering from spring to mid-summer. During the winter, if kept dry, watering should be very infrequent.

Humidity. Opuntia is tolerant of dry weather. However, a spritz of warm water from a small sprinkler from time to time will not hurt.

Fertilisation. From late spring to mid-summer, the plant is fertilised with a special fertiliser for cacti.

Transplanting. Mixture of soils for transplanting: turf soil, leaf soil, peat soil, sand, brick rubble (all in equal parts).

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