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Vriesea flower vector bromeliad PNG and SVG transparent, outline black and white


About vriesea flower

Vriesea (Latin: Vriesea) belongs to the bromeliad family. It is native to South and Central America and the Antilles. There are around 250 species of this flower in the wild. There are green-leaved and variegated species. The most popular variety is Vriesea spletidens ‘Fire Sword’. It forms leaf scatterings about half a metre high and a single red flat spike. The leaves are decorated with bright brownish-red transverse stripes.

Storage location. Vriesea is a heat and light loving plant. It is at home on west and north-facing windowsills. In summer, the vriesia should be kept at +22° C +24° C, in winter at +18° C. The minimum temperature is +16°C.

Lighting. Vriesea likes bright and diffuse light with some direct sunlight in the morning and evening.

This flower needs abundant watering in spring and summer and the soil should always be slightly moist. In winter, watering is reduced to moderate. Water directly into the rosette. The water should be warm and settled.

Air humidity. Vriesea should be sprayed periodically.

Fertilisation. This flower is fertilised in spring and summer with a special fertiliser for bromeliads. It can also be fertilised with other fertilisers for flowering plants, but the recommended dose should be halved.

Propagation. Vriesea is propagated by side shoots.

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