Guzmania vector

Guzmania flower vector in PNG and SVG files to download for free. All files are transparent, no background, outline, black and white.
Guzmania flower bromeliad vector clipa art PNG and SVG transparent


About Guzmania flower

Guzmania is a member of the bromeliad family. It is native to the forests of South America. Guzmania is very popular among bromeliad lovers because of its beautiful flower inflorescence. This flower needs a lot of space as it grows very sideways. It is best to place the Guzmania in a window away from other plants.

Storage conditions. In summer, the flower should be kept at normal room temperature (+22°C – +25°C), in winter it should be kept at a cooler temperature (+16°C – +20°C), with a winter minimum temperature of +15°C.

Lighting. Guzmania likes light shade. It should be protected from direct sunlight. In winter, the plant should be kept in a light room. Guzmania is comfortable in an east or west facing window.

Watering. Like all bromeliads, water directly into the leaf rosette, which should be 2/3 full of water. Watering should be done with well-established water at room temperature. In spring and summer, the water in the rosette must be kept constantly and replaced with fresh water at least once a month. In winter, water the guzmania gently and directly into the ground rather than into the rosette.

Humidity. The plant likes to be sprayed regularly, and this should be done regularly if it is kept in a room that is too warm, and also in winter when the central heating is on in the flat.

Fertilisation. The plant is fertilised once a month from May to August. The fertiliser is diluted with water for irrigation and applied directly to the leaf rosette. The fertiliser used shall be that intended for bromeliads.

Transplanting. The plant shall be transplanted at least once every two years. The soil mix for transplanting is: light turf soil, peat soil, leaf soil, rotting soil and sand (all in equal parts). A special soil mix for orchids can also be used for transplanting. Guzmania should not be transplanted into a pot that is too deep; it is better to use wide and shallow containers.

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