Billbergia pyramidalis vector

Billbergia pyramidalis bromeliad flower vector PNG and SVG. All files are transparent, no background, clip art, black and white.
Billbergia pyramidalis bromeliad flower vector clipart transparent no background


About Billbergia pyramidalis bromeliad flower

Around 50 species of bilberries are found in the American tropics. The swaying bilbergia (Billbergia pyramidalis) has long been grown indoors. Different varieties of this species are available, not only in green, but also in colourful variegated and striped leaves. It flowers in spring and summer. Rarer species are B. pyramidalis and B. saundersii.
Care. Swaying Bilberry is a hardy plant. It prefers a bright, sunless or short sunny position. A normal room temperature is suitable throughout the year. Mature plants can be outside in light shade in summer. Only the oscillating bilberry can spend the winter in cool conditions (around 15 °C), while the ornate varieties and other species prefer warmth. They are watered heavily in spring and summer. Water can be omitted from the scatterings as they do not hold up well. Fertilisation should be carried out in April-September, every two weeks, with a weak solution of complex fertiliser. Water less in winter to keep the soil moderately moist. After a few years, the bush may become denser, as it produces a large number of suckers. Such a bilbergia grows even better. Replant annually or biennially without flowering. Peaty soil is best for growing.
Propagation. Transplanting involves dividing the thickened bushes and separating the suckers.

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