Aechmea fasciata vector

Aechmea fasciata (silver vase or urn plan) flower vector, clip art in PNG and SVG. Transparent, no background for free to download.
Aechmea fasciata (silver vase or urn plant) flower vector PNG and SVG clip art transparent no background


About Aechmea fasciata (silver vase or urn plan) flower

One of the most beautiful flowers of the bromeliad family. Native to the forests of Brazil.
Likes light and warmth, but needs to be protected from direct sunlight.
The soil should be moderately moist and well fertilised. Keep adding a fertiliser solution (0,5 g/l) to the leaf blade.
Water with soft water. Spray the leaves frequently.

The spectacular flowers open after 2-4 years, in summer, and bloom for about 6 months. Care of flowering plants in autumn remains unchanged. Once the old flower has bloomed, it dies back. The dormant period for non-flowering flowers is November-January.

Store in the light at temperatures up to 15 °C. The trellis is half full of water without fertiliser. Propagation is by suckers, which are produced just before flowering, when the flower is in flower or after it has overflowered.
They are separated from the main plant when they reach half its size and form a leaf scrotum. The roots will break through more quickly if surrounded by moist moss.

The pink inflorescence spike, growing from the centre of the funnel, combines beautifully with the chalky grey leaves. Purple flowers are sometimes seen among the pink covering leaves. This flower blooms in summer, but nursery flowers are available in all seasons. Compared to other bromeliads, the Great Echmia is relatively easy to care for.
It can tolerate fairly dry indoor air and sun, and can also grow in partial shade. Echmia suits room temperature. After flowering, the leaf funnel dies.
The old plant is usually joined by young plants, which can be planted individually after waiting for them to root. Grow them in a bright, warm place (warmer than 18 °C), away from bright sun and with moderate watering. The strongest seedling can be left in the old pot.

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